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All instructions are available for two weapons: FOIL and EPEE

Bronze Level

For students of ages 6-10 who want to explore the sport. 

Two classes, &

One session of Open fencing

per week




Silver Level

For older children and teens just starting their fencing journey.

Two classes,

One private lesson &

Two sessions of Open fencing

per week



Gold Level

For competitive fencers in local and regional tournaments.


Two classes,

One private lesson &

Three sessions of Open fencing

per week


KakaoTalk_Photo_2022-04-07-11-12-38 007_edited.jpg

Elite Level

For the elite fencers in national and international competitions.

Unlimited attendance in Gold and Elite Classes,

Intensive Physical Training,

Two private lessons  &

Unlimited sessions of Open fencing

per week


  • Additional Private Lessons: $40/lesson or $100/four lessons in one month

  • The open fencing-only membership is available for $150/month. Unlimited sessions of open fencing.

  • The non-refundable Annual Membership Fee of $150 is due on August 1 every year for renewing members and on the first day of registration for new members.

  • College students and temporary visitors to Nashville: special rates are available.
    Contact us for details! We will meet your fencing needs!​

Intensive Physical

Intensive physical 1-Square crop.jpg


Class-square crop 2.jpg

Private Lesson​

Private Lesson-Square crop.jpg
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