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All instructions are available for two weapons: FOIL and EPEE

Youth 1

 This fun class is for beginner and intermediate youth fencers, and will focus on on developing agility, balance and coordination through the use of various fencing-related games and activities. All equipment is provided. Fencers must complete an Intro Lesson Package prior to enrolling.

For students of ages 6 who want to explore the sport. 


Two classes &

One session of Open fencing

per week


Youth 2

This class focuses on more structured training, and bouting with electric equipment is an included element. Fencers in this class will also have the option for skills testing and rank advancement (similar to the belt system in karate). Full uniform and electric equipment must me purchased through the club. Fencers must complete three months of Youth I Classes before joining this class.

For older children and teens just starting their fencing journey.

Two classes &

One private lesson &

Two sessions of Open fencing

per week




This class is for fencers or fencers ready to make the commitment required to become a competitive fencer. This program is not skill-based, but rather commitment-based. The only prerequisites are that the fencers has completed the Foundations Program, and will be at least 10 years old during the calendar year. Athletes in this program typically compete on the regional, national, and international levels.

For competitive fencers in local and regional tournaments.


Three classes &

One private lesson &

Two sessions of Open fencing

per week


KakaoTalk_Photo_2022-04-07-11-12-38 007_edited.jpg


This class is for the elite fencers in national and international competitions. Fencers from various NCAA programs may also participate in this class.

Unlimited attendance in Gold and Elite Classes,

Intensive Physical Training,

Two private lessons  &

Unlimited sessions of Open fencing

per week


  • The open fencing-only membership is available for $150/month. Unlimited sessions of open fencing.

  • The non-refundable Annual Membership Fee of $150 is due on August 1 every year for renewing members and on the first day of registration for new members.

  • For all first-timers, you must purchase a private lesson package before joining any of the aforementioned classes. 

  • College students and temporary visitors to Nashville: special rates are available.

Intensive Physical

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Private Lesson​

Private Lesson-Square crop.jpg
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Classes Offered

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